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Your industrial performance is our challenge. Our mission is to design and to build the best assembly and control systems in clean environment. To produce better, safer, faster, more flexible and more reliable: here are our ambitions for your installations. Our competencies in mechanical studies, automation, robotization, assembly and mechanical setting are mobilized for the success of your projects in respect with your specifications, on time and on budgets.
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MGA Technologies designs and builds special machines and turnkey equipment for the industry and accompanies its clients upstream and downstream their projects.

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Cutting & Bending equipment
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Cutting and bending equipment are modular and specially designed for sensors preparation prior to welding. Typical application include Hall effect sensors widely used in the industry for position detection.

Key features

Feeding : cardboard strip,…
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Clean room equipment
A few taylormade and small series executions for pharmaceutical industry :   Stainless steel rolling trollers for clean flexibles Modules to count waste products equiped with an optical cell to differentiate waste in pharmaceutical workshop in order to conform to …
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Principle :   The dynamiser is equiped with a mechanical pair of pliers holding the flask. the pair of pliers is dynamised by a motor giving a vertical movement at a frequency co-defined with Laboratoires BOIRON for the aimed process…
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Medical trolley
Principle :   These trolleys are used in hospitals and clinics to distribute medical gases to patient rooms. Two trolleys, for one or two medical gas bottles, allow nurses to charge these heavy bottles without effort. The trolley is equiped…
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Many Prototypes have been developed by MGA Technologies for various applications: clean room equipment for plharmaceutical application medical devices for hospitals peripherics of packaging and conditioning machines prototypes for series machines   After co-developing such products with you, MGA Technologies…
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Aseptic tube sealer
Features :   The aseptic tube sealer is used to disconnect 2 process equipment in pharmaceutical or biotech application. C-Flex® type flexible to be disconnected is pinched in jaws interlocked by a magnetic locker. A disconnecting cycle is launched…
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Sterile welder
Clean design for pharmaceutical and biotech application : Device integrated in FDA approved processes Aseptic connections without dead zones No cross-contamination risks Fully safe for the processed product Fully safe for operators Device easliy cleanable Differents formats for flexibles to…
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